Thursday, February 5, 2015

1915 Red Sox "Babe" Postcard Up For Auction

(Photo by Heritage)
A Dallas-based auction house will offer bidders a pristine postcard showing the 1915 eventual World Series Champion Red Sox team—featuring a 20-year old pitcher named George Herman Ruth. The Babe is pictured in the back row of a beautifully-preserved postcard that has been owned by a Boston-area family since 1915. The auction house estimates the value of the postcard in excess of $60,000. Ruth went 18-8 in 1915—delivering a 2.44 ERA for The Carmine Hose. And as a indicator of what his career would look like in the future, he also hit .315 with 4 HRs in just 92 at-bats. Smells like trade bait to us.