Friday, January 16, 2015

Red Sox Rookies Work Out At Harvard Stadium

There was plenty of room for all ten Red Sox rookies to work out today under the practice bubble at Harvard Stadium. There are one or two reasons for all that room at Harvard: 1.) it's still Winter Break or 2.) there weren't any major Boston highways scheduled to be blocked today. In any event, the rookies held a media session after the workout, and there were several interesting comments made by the kids. For example, when asked about his role on the 2015 team, Mookie Betts said, "I can’t control if I play or not. I just know that I can come in ready." Good vanilla answer. Here's Blake Swihart on off-season trade rumors: "Whatever happens happens. I'll play anywhere. I'm happy to be here." Hmm. Not so vanilla an answer. Finally, Rusney Castillo was asked what surprised him most in his brief MLB debut last year. Said Rusney, "The first thing that stands out in playing in Boston is the difference in the size of the crowds, playing in front of tens of thousands of people is an obvious difference. But I guess I was able, especially towards the end of my stint, I was able to do well in controlling that and keeping the nerves down and I think that's something I'll take to help me out moving forward." Well, it looks like Rusney won't need the services of the vaunted new Red Sox Behavioral Health Department.