Friday, January 16, 2015

Netherlands Antilles Look To Sox-NYY Rivalry?

Gregorius (L); Bogaerts (R)'s David Sabino hints at an interesting new twist in the Red Sox-Yankee rivalry. In 2015, both teams will field young shortstops from the former Netherlands AntillesXander Bogaerts from Curaçao and Didi Gregorius from Aruba. Both are relatively young (Bogaerts 22, Gregorius 24)—and both have strikingly similar stats through the early stages of their careers. Bogaerts is generally regarded to have more up-side—both in terms of overall talent and power potential. But Gregorious was also once a highly-touted player—before a couple of down years. As Sabino points out, the two are moving into quite different roles. Bogaerts is poised to be a mainstay at the position—after a seemingly endless parade of shortstops in the Post-Nomar Era. Gregorious, on the other hand, must replace a living pinstriped legend. It will be interesting to see if the new Boston-New York rivalry is characterized by this Caribbean combo.