Friday, January 16, 2015

Delusional A-Rod Thinks He's Evil Empire's 3B

(Photo: Angel Valentin)
This one is rich—both literally and figuratively. Alex Rodriguez is going into Spring Training believing that the Yankee third base job is his to lose. The Fraudulent One is so obtuse that he thinks The Bronx Embalmers will put Chase Headley's 4-year, $52 million contract on the bench. Even the Steinbrenners aren't that stupid. Friends of the 39-year old Centaur recount his "thinking" as follows, "Alex's mind is that job's not Headley's, it's Alex's to lose. That's what he thinks. Alex is going into training camp thinking that he is the starting third baseman, that if there's a competition, Headley's got to win it from him. It doesn't matter about the money, what they signed Headley for." We all need to get ready for A-Rod Character Rehabilitation Tour III. The "friend" lets us all know that things are different now for a chastened A-Fraud: "He's changed as a person. He's put his head down and he's working hard because he wants to play the game and respects the game, and he knows that he made some mistakes and the best way to atone for that is to just put your head down and go." What a load of malarkey.