Thursday, January 15, 2015

Empire Not Ruling Out Signing Max Scherzer

One of the Steinbrenner Brood (frankly, we're not quite sure if it's TweedleDumb or TweedleDumber) has not ruled out signing free-agent starter Max ScherzerThe Bronx Embalmers are already sporting a 2015 salary in the $210 million range. Nevertheless, Hal Steinbrenner stated, "We’re still the New York Yankees, all you guys know that. We know what the fans expect. We know what the town expects. We’re not going to be afraid to spend money...We still have a full month before spring training. We’re always going to continue to improve. I’m not putting a cap on it. We’ve certainly filled some holes that we had. We’ll keep going for the next few weeks." Scherzer is reportedly seeking six or seven years and $200 million. Considering the pathetic state of the Yankee rotation, they may be forced to pay the price.