Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Red Sox Shouldn't Get 'Smoaked' By Prospects

Where There's 'Smoak', There Could Be A Fire Sale (AP Photo)
UPDATE: Jays re-sign Smoak. A few short years ago, INF Justin Smoak was a "Top 15" prospect poised to man 1B for the Texas Rangers for years to come. Then, he got traded to Seattle for Cliff LeeYesterday, his new team—the Toronto Blue Jays—non-tendered him and let him walk. This, after they declined his 2015 option in November. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! The switch-hitter is still only 27 years old, but he's never come close to matching expectations. This whole sad episode should serve as a "teaching moment" for some Red Sox fans. You know, the ones who want to hold onto every prospect in the Boston system—no matter what kind of quality players they would bring back in a trade. Frankly, The Carmine Hose have a history of over-valuing prospects (although not as egregiously as The Bronx Embalmers). The key is to make sure your talent evaluators identify the right few prospects to hoard—while sacrificing the others for the greater team good. For example, is getting Cole Hamels worth giving up—say—Mookie Betts? Don't answer so quickly!