Monday, December 29, 2014

Red Sox 'Back-Channel' Denial On Max Scherzer

A "major league source" has told's Rob Bradford that—contrary to an earlier report by CBSSports.comthe Red Sox are not serious contenders for free-agent Max Scherzer. The source who is "familiar with the Red Sox' thinking" (there's a scary thought!) claims that Boston is simply being used as a stalking horse to pump up Scherzer's value for more serious pursuers. Of course this "source" might just be a shill for the NOG—allowing them to, in fact, be a real player on Scherzer at a better price. As far as we're concerned, Scherzer is the best solution to the ace-free Red Sox rotation—since he wouldn't cost any prospects or draft picks. All he will cost is some of John Henry's loose cash. And we're always in favor of that proposition.