Tuesday, December 30, 2014

FanGraphs: Red Sox Lead MLB In "Total WAR"

First of all, we don't mean "Total WAR" as in Dr. Strangelove-type total WAR. This is simply geek-talk for the statistical construct known as "Wins Above Replacement". If we're reading the table correctly (which is by no means a certainty), the FanGraphs website is projecting your 2015 Red Sox as the MLB leader in 'Total WAR'. With a pitching WAR of 13.6 and a batting WAR of 29.7, Boston leads the majors with a total WAR of 43.3. Finishing second are the Dodgers at 41.8, followed by the Nationals at 41.0, and the Cardinals at 39.7. Rounding out the Top Five are the surprising Mariners at 39.5. It's the offensive WAR numbers that put the Red Sox over the top—as their pitching WAR is only the fifth best on the list. It's no surprise, then, that none of the current Boston starters are projected to do better than a 3.98 ERA (Rick Porcello). In addition, none of the five is seen as going 200 innings—although Porcello does get a projected WAR of 3.0. Leading the way in giving Boston the #1 batting ranking is Dustin Pedroia—who projects a whopping 4.4 WAR at second base. Pablo Sandoval also projects well—clocking in with a 3.7 WAR at third. By the way, The Bronx Embalmers rank 10th on the total WAR list with a 36.4.