Friday, December 5, 2014

David Ortiz Weighs In On Lester: 'We Need Him'

At his annual charity golf tournament in the Dominican Republic, David Ortiz left no doubt where he stands on the return of Jon Lester. Said Big Papi, "I know it's a tough situation because my boy Lester, he's got a lot of people in his head right now talking to him. I always wish him the best, but hopefully we end up having him. We need him." Lester—who will decide next week among Boston, the Dodgers, the Cubs, the Giants and The Evil Empire—is the hottest pitcher on the free agent market. Ortiz also shed some new light on Lester's mindset last July, "He was devastated when he got traded, and I know that. I can personally tell you that. But this is a business, and I know he understands that. So now is the time to step up, man up, and try to make the guy happy." Tell us what you really think, Papi.