Monday, November 17, 2014

Top 5 Things We Should Do For Panda's Visit

(USAToday Photo)
Since multiple reports suggest that Pablo Sandoval—AKA The Kung-Fu Panda—will be visiting Boston this week, we have to get prepared. So, here are the top five things Boston needs to do to get ready for The Panda:

#5—Make sure that each of his Boston meals contains at least one portion of bamboo—which makes up 99% of a panda's diet;
#4—Give him plenty of time to rest. Since a panda must spend 10-16 hours a day foraging and eating (and, in this particular case, fielding grounders), the rest of his day is spent mostly sleeping (up to 14 hours);
#3—Make sure meeting rooms at Fenway are well-stocked with Poland Springs water. While pandas get most of their water from the aforementioned bamboo, they need more fresh water from other sources to survive;
#2—Don't make any jokes about having the meetings before he goes into Winter hibernation. Pandas do not hibernate!;

And the number one thing Boston needs to do to get ready for The Panda:
#1—Keep mentioning that the average panda weighs 250 pounds.