Thursday, November 13, 2014

REPORT: Lester Down To Red Sox And Cubs?

(Getty Images)'s Ken Rosenthal—appearing this morning on MLB Network's Hot Stove show—said the pursuit of free-agent Jon Lester is coming down to baseball's version of the 'Hatfields and McCoys'. Former Red Sox GM Theo Epstein and current Boston CEO Larry Lucchino have obviously had their moments, and Lester's free agency might just bring them back into head-to-head conflict. Rosenthal stated that this upcoming week will show "just how serious the Red Sox really are" in getting back their former lefty ace. He suggested that one other "wild card" team is Atlanta—where Lester keeps his year-round home. Clearly, the Braves seriously need starting pitching, but it's questionable whether they can clear enough payroll to ink Lester. Rosenthal also wondered if the trade of Lester had fundamentally changed his view of Boston—since it may have allowed him to "turn the page" on his Red Sox experience. Stay tuned!