Friday, November 7, 2014

Lucchino: No Long-Term Re-Building Projects

(AP Photo, Elise Amendola)
Red Sox President and CEO Larry Lucchino is an impatient guy. After his team chalked up 71 pathetic wins in 2014, he wants a quick return to glory. Self-described as "pathologically" competitive, Lucchino reiterated the team's twin focii of restocking a depleted pitching staff and boosting a feeble offense, "We've done pretty serious diagnosis of the condition of our team. We never forget how fundamental pitching, pitching and pitching is—both starting and bullpen pitching. We also know we've got to do something to improve our offense." As much as we have criticized the NOG over the years—and Lucchino specifically—he is the only remaining guy in the leadership who truly gets it. The following comment exemplifies this, "We want to win with great frequency and great regularity. We are, after all, the Boston Red Sox." Indeed, Larry, indeed.