Monday, November 3, 2014

Joe Maddon Is Finally First In Theo's Eyes

UPDATE: 5-Yr. Deal
Eleven years ago, Joe Maddon was the bridesmaid and Terry Francona was the bride. Despite a good interview with Red Sox GM Theo Epstein, it was the quirky Tito who got the manager's nod over the quirky Joe. Now, Maddon will finally gain the favor of His Theo-Ness as the Cubs introduce the former Rays skipper as their own manager today. Since that first meeting, Maddon has certainly built himself a solid resume—and he did it with marginal talent and a limited budget. Now, he gets to run a team with—uh, even less talent and a lot more budget (sort of). Clearly, the task of getting the Cubbies a World Series crown is about as big a challenge as there is in the hardball universe. Heck, they haven't even been in a World Series since V-J Day (1945). Achieve the goal of winning it all, and you are golden forever. Just ask Tito.