Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Is A Three-Way Blockbuster Trade Coming?

While there have been several proposed trade scenarios to bring starting pitching to Boston,'s Dave Cameron has offered a really intriguing three-way blockbuster. It starts with assessing which teams need what. For example: Seattle needs right-handed power; Washington needs middle infield help; Boston needs starting pitching. So here's a triangular deal that might solve everyone's needs:

1.) the Red Sox send Yoenis Cespedes and Mike Napoli to the Mariners. This gets Seattle two right-handed power bats. The Red Sox could back-fill first base with either Daniel Nava or Allen Craig (or a combination of both);

2.) the Mariners send Brad Miller (SS) and Danny Hultzen (P) to Washington. The Nationals get a young middle infielder with a huge upside and an arm—albeit recently injured—that they coveted in the 2011 draft;

3.) the Nationals send Jordan Zimmerman and Tyler Clippard to Boston. This give the Red Sox a #1 starter and Koji Uehara insurance in the bullpen.

Everybody happy?