Thursday, October 23, 2014

Players Not Thrilled With New 'Pace-Of-Play'

Major League Baseball is testing out a range of new "pace-of-play" rules in this year's Arizona Fall League. It's safe to say that many of the young players in that league are not too thrilled with the new initiatives. The three basic rules being tested are:

• a 20-second pitch clock;
• a 2:05 break between innings;
• a limit of three mound visits per nine innings.

Said one young player, "It was a little rushed, getting on and off the field, getting your stuff done in the dugout and in the box mainly because you only have 20 seconds between pitches. You swing and then get right back in—it’s a little weird." Yeah, "weird", as is in—appropriate. Hopefully, the kinks will be worked out in settings like the AFL before being instituted in the big leagues. But, eventually, something has to be done to speed things up and keep the sport alive with younger fans. Of course, starting week-end World Series games before 8PM Eastern might help, too. Earth to Bud!!!!