Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lopez Best Shot At Sox-Related Glory Tonight

Lopez With A Young Fan (FenwayNation Photo)
With The Carmine Hose on the sidelines for Game Seven of The 2014 World Series, we have to really scrape for any—even tenuous—Red Sox connections. As it turns out, only the San Francisco Giants have any former Boston players—Jake Peavy (who really spit the bit last night), Javier Lopez (who's pitched great in 1.2 innings—0.00 ERA—in The Fall Classic), and Hunter Strickland (who was traded out of the Sox farm system for about a week-and-a-half of Adam LaRoche). The only even remote connection on the Royals is relief pitcher Tim Collins—who certainly visited Fenway Park many times having grown up in Worcester. That's about it, folks. Our guess is that Lopez has the best chance of impacting tonight's game.