Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Giants History Does Not Bode Well For Game 7

If you're a San Francisco Giants fan, stop reading this right now. Go get some latte. Are they gone? OK, the Giants franchise has faced a deciding World Series game four times—and lost all four. In 1912, they faced our very own Red Sox in Game Eight (the 20th century was so quaint, wasn't it?) and lost, 3-2 to the good guys. In 1924, the Giants lost to the Washington Senators in Game Seven, 4-3. Hold on, it doesn't get much better. In 1962, they lost 1-0 to The Evil Empire (which at that point was only The Moderately Wicked Fiefdom). Then, in 2002, The Los Angeles Angels (not yet of Anaheim) smacked them in Game Seven, 4-1 (with some guy named Lackey on the hill). So, if you believe in curses (and who among us doesn't?), put your money on the Royals tonight.