Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Forbes: NESN 8th Most Valuable Sports Brand

Forbes Magazine has ranked the Top 40 Sports Brands (across four different categories) and determined that NESN (our own little second-rate regional sports network) places 8th on the list. According to Forbes, NESN's 2014 value is $525 million (keep in mind that the NOG bought the team, Fenway Park and 80% of NESN in 2002 for only $660 million). NESN's current value is up from $510 million in 2013 (a 3% increase). The magazine also points out that NESN has increased its monthly affiliate subscriber fee to $4.22 from $3.91. The only brands ranked higher than NESN were: 1. NIKE, 2. ESPN, 3. Adidas, 4. SkySports, 5. Under Armour, 6. Reebok and 7. YES.  Do not let these guys cry "poor-mouth" this off-season on free-agent signings and trades!