Friday, October 17, 2014

Ten Years After: Dave Roberts' Watershed Steal

It can't possibly have happened a decade ago. But, re-checking our trusty FN WayBack Machine, it appears that the Dave Roberts Steal was exactly ten years ago today—although technically, it happened after midnight. As one of the privileged 34,826 who attended the 5 hour and 2 minute contest, I can safely state that it was the most thrilling sporting event I ever witnessed in person. And I attended some doozies! It was bigger than the Snow Bowl Game at the old Foxboro Stadium, bigger than the 2007 ALCS clincher, bigger than the Game One win in the 2007 World Series, bigger than the 2013 ALCS clincher. You have to recall the utter despair that was crowding in on us as Mariano Rivera took his warm-up tosses in the ninth. We only wanted this one win—to avoid the humiliation of a sweep at the hands of The Evil Ones. Looking back, it's amazing how much positive signage was around the old ballpark: "It Ain't Over Yet", "You Gotta Believe It To See It" and my personal favorite: "Tomorrow Never Dies". We all know what happened—and the impact it had on the next ten years. Thank you, Kevin Millar, Dave Roberts and Bill Mueller.