Thursday, September 18, 2014

Red Sox Scarily Close To Not Passing Bobby V.

With 22 games left, the Red Sox only needed 9 wins to eclipse Bobby Valentine's magical 69 win plateau from 2012. Now there are only 10 games left—and they still need four more wins to hit 70. Can they do it? For the cipher-challenged out there, four wins out of ten translates to a .400 winning percentage. To this point in the season, the team is winning at a .434 clip, so, theoretically, they should do it, right? Not so fast, pine-tar breath! Here are the remaining games: one more against the Pirates (who are fighting tooth-and-nail for a playoff berth), three at Camden Yards against the juggernaut O's (who might be in coast mode), three at Fenway against the almost-equally pathetic Rays, and the final three at home against The Evil Ones (during the canonization ceremonies for Derek Jeter). So, can they scoop at least four from this list? Tonight looks like a loss in Pittsburgh, but they should take at least one from Baltimore. Then, just three more wins out of six from the Rays and Yankees should be do-able. But, frankly, as bad as this team is, passing Valentine should not be this close.