Thursday, September 18, 2014

Re-Signing Koji Uehara Is A Red Sox Priority

Koji: Worth Re-Upping For 2015
The Red Sox have let it be known that they view the re-signing of soon-to-be free agent closer Koji Uehara as an "offseason priority". As we have written, we think this a good thing—although the team needs to do some medium-range planning for future ninth-innings post-Koji. Said GM Ben Cherington, "The way that he handled the recent period where he struggled a little bit and how he handled getting out of it reflects well on him positively. We haven’t had any other conversations and there will be an appropriate time for that this offseason. But our interest is still there." Since being pulled from the closer's role, Uehara has posted a few good outings, so the major six-game funk he went through earlier might be in the rear-view mirror. He's still worth the gamble in 2015.