Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Memo To Sox: Shut The Muddy Chicken Down!

The Laser Show Needs To Be Shut Down
UPDATE: Probably inactive
The Red Sox finally revealed yesterday that second baseman Dustin Pedroia has been playing with a sore left hand and wrist since the home opener against the Brewers in April. So, what we all suspected is true. Pedroia's down season (.278/7/55) is—once again—due to playing through a hand-related injury. He now admits that he faces three options: immediate surgery, rest for the balance of the season or playing through the injury. With the team facing post-season elimination with two more losses, there is absolutely no reason for Pedroia to be around. The so-called medical staff is evaluating whether continued play would exacerbate the injury. Said Manager John Farrell, "His health is the most important. That's all being reviewed right now. If it's determined that anything more severe can come out of that by playing, we'll certainly factor that in and not put him at further risk." Come on, people. If there's even a scintilla of evidence that further play would be harmful, he needs to have the surgery now—allowing him to be fully healed by Spring Training.