Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Curt Schilling To Return To ESPN On Thursday

Red Sox legend Curt Schilling will return to the ESPN airwaves tomorrow. After battling mouth cancer over the last eight months, Schilling will appear on 'The World Wide Leader''s Baseball Tonight telecast at 10PM Eastern on Thursday. Said Curt, "Mentally, physically, the most difficult eight months of my life. Certainly the most painful." The 47-year old Schilling lost 80 pounds during the ordeal and said he was in constant pain for four of the eight months. Regarding his long-running smokeless tobacco habit, Schilling said, "The challenging part is, much like the company I ran, this is my fault. I chewed tobacco for thirtysomething years. I was warned and warned year after year, and I didn't pay attention." We wish Curt all the best in his return!