Thursday, August 14, 2014

MLB Owners To Elect New Commissioner Today

UPDATE: No chance of 1st ballot winner
Don't look for any exit poll numbers—or even a tally from Dixville Notch, NH. The in-bred, old white guy club called Major League Baseball will elect their new Commissioner today in a process more secretive than Politburo votes in the old Soviet Union. The final candidates for the job of Bud Selig Clone are: Red Sox "Chairman" Tom Werner, MLB chief operating officer Rob Manfred and MLB executive vice president of business Tim Brosnan. Ya, no kidding, curb your enthusiasm! Supposedly there has been some "in-fighting", with Werner being a 'compromise' candidate for the owners who hate Selig and his favorite choice of Manfred. But the truth of the matter is any of the three will be another slug unwilling to change the game for the 21st century. All three contestants met with the owners yesterday to give one-hour presentations. We can only hope that Werner showed old clips of The Cosby Show and Bosom Buddies. Yawn.