Monday, August 11, 2014

John Henry: Werner Would Be 'Great' Commish

Werner And Henry On The "Pitch" At Liverpool
Gee, what a surprise. Red Sox principal owner John Henry has virtually endorsed the candidacy of his partner, Tom Werner, to be Commissioner of Baseball. Werner, the creator of the iconic TV series Bosom Buddies is on the short list of just three Commissioner candidates to be voted on by the thirty MLB team owners on August 14th. The Roseanne Barr-enabler is viewed by some to be a compromise candidate to Selig groupie Rob Manfred. Pardon the pun, but all of this maneuvering seems like "inside baseball" to us. No matter who is picked as the next Czar of Baseball, he is unlikely to rock the boat that has delivered billions in profits to this Little Boys Club of Anti-Trust-Immune owners. Particularly if—like Selig and Werner—they come right out of the ranks of ownership itself. What a joke.