Thursday, July 3, 2014

Revenge Of Theo's Nerds: Cubs Sweep, 16-9

1st Inning—All Downhill From Here (FenwayNation Photo)
This one got ugly early. As part of the 37,000 plus who witnessed this first-hand, we can state emphatically that it was Pink Hat Heaven. If you view Red Sox games as "events", you were in your glory on Wednesday night. You know, go get some more watered-down beer, text your friends about canoodling with Wally The Green Monster, the whole nine yards. For those of us who are actual baseball fans, this was the nightmare of nightmares: first, your team gets slaughtered 16-9; second, it's officially the longest MLB game of the year (4 hours, 19 minutes). Brandon Workman kicked off the debacle by walking the first guy and giving up a two-run homer to the next—before most people got their butts into their 1912-era cramped seats. Aside from seeing the first home run by Mookie Betts, and three-hit nights by Brock Holt and Dustin Pedroia, that's all she wrote. Bring on the red-hot Orioles! Yikes.