Friday, July 18, 2014

Politically-Correct Red Sox Owners Strike Again

A Bike Got Him Out Of Fenway Quickly
Perhaps the most annoying part of the Red Sox New Ownership Group (NOG) is their insufferable political-correctness. Since they blew into town over a decade ago, they have wasted no opportunity to foist their political leanings on their fans. From the gluten-free food offerings (that no one eats) to the bullying plastic bottle recycling brigade (that everybody despises), they are shouting to the world, "We are oh-so progressive!" The latest example of their silliness is a free "valet" parking program at Fenway—for bicycles! Forget about the vast majority of fans who battle traffic for the right to pay $40 to some usurious parking lot partner of the NOG. They're clearly not progressive enough to bike to the ballpark, so screw them! Could they possibly be more out-of-touch? Their classic 'Moonbat' thinking is perfectly expressed in the words of MassBike Executive Director David Watson, who said of the program: "Biking is the fastest way to get in and out of Fenway at game time, and once people see how fun and easy it is, they are more likely to make bicycling a regular transportation choice." Oh, sure, that'll happen! Good thing they win championships.