Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Red Sox Are Road 'Weary-Ers' So Far In 2014

Amazingly, your 2014 Carmine Hose are not yet out of it. Despite a horrifically inept offense, they sit "just" 7.5 games off the lead in the moribund AL East. However, a big part of Boston's problem is their record on the road. While their 20-19 mark at Fenway is nothing to write home about (pun definitely  intended), it's the 15-23 road tally that really kills them. The old adage is to kick butt at home and play .500 on the road. If the Red Sox had just broken even on the road, they'd be at 39-38 overall—right on the heels of The Bronx Embalmers (39-36). To give you a sense of how wacky the division is this year, Boston has the second highest number of wins at home (20) to Toronto's 21. Three of the five teams in the division have losing records at home. Starting off this road trip at 1-4 clearly doesn't help Boston's non-Fenway equation. But taking the remaining five (in Seattle and Baghdad-on-the Hudson) would be a big boost to their chances going forward.