Tuesday, June 10, 2014

AberrationNation: Should We See Flawed Sox?

Your 2014 Carmine Hose would need to go on an epic run (specifically, a .626 winning percentage) to get to 90 wins this year. Just so you know, their current winning clip is a dismal .444. And, while the AL East is AAA-like this year, there's no guarantee that 90 wins would get a team to the post-season. So, maybe we should be a little more realistic in our assessment of this team's chances. As Jim Donaldson of the Providence Journal reminds us, it was 2013 that was the aberration—not this year. Has the fog of 2013's victory obscured the fact that this franchise has missed the playoffs completely in three of the last four years—with another miss looming on the horizon? And what about the vaunted farm system—outside of Xander Bogaerts, how's that been treating you lately? You gotta think that the suits on Yawkey Way are starting to get a little antsy—as more and more fans realize that it's time to pay attention to the man behind the curtain. Toto (or perhaps more fittingly, Tito), we're not in Ringville any more.