Thursday, May 8, 2014

Koji Uehara Hints At Fatigue Issues After Save

(Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
As's Jason Mastrodonato points out, Koji Uehara might just be too much of a perfectionist. Despite posting a 1.23 ERA so far this year, he's unhappy with a few of his recent outings. And, to be truthful, he has seemed a little more hittable this year than last—of course, last year was other-worldly. After last night's three-strikeout save, Koji said, "I didn’t feel that I was sharp at all. Mechanical wise, I don’t think I’m quite there. My split, I don’t think I was satisfied how it was acting at all." The 39-year old then opined as to the reason for his "struggles": "I think it’s more accumulated fatigue. I’m not that young." Jack Benny could not be reached for comment.