Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Extreme Force Cited In Fenway Elevator Incident

Fall Victim Lizzie Scotland
Investigators have made some preliminary findings regarding last Friday's tragic elevator incident at Fenway Park. Lizzie Scotland, a 22-year old New Jersey woman, fell two stories down an empty elevator shaft and suffered serious head injuries. Earlier on Friday, Ms. Scotland had graduated from B.U.'s business school. A spokesman for the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security stated the following, "...extreme force against the bottom of the door actually broke the fasteners and the metal backup safety system that held the doors in place." Apparently this force created a gap that Ms. Scotland fell through. What exactly could bring such "extreme force" to bear on the elevator doors was not dealt with in the statement. This is the second elevator-related incident in less than a year at the 102-year old ballpark. Last August, two reporters were stuck in a different elevator and were forced to crawl out on their own. The investigation into this recent incident will continue.