Thursday, April 10, 2014

Multiple Storylines In First Empire-Sox Tilt

Tonight in the lovely Bronx, the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox will meet for the first time in 2014. A year ago, this initial match-up was one of the least intriguing in decades. This year, the rivalry is once again infused with ghosts from the past and demons from the present.  The Bronx Embalmers shelled out a half-billion dollars in the off-season—but somehow forgot to deal with the void at the end of their bullpen. The Red Sox lost their dynamic lead-off hitter (to tonight's opponents) and are off to the same anemic start as their hated foes (4-5). Boston is on top of the baseball world for the third time in the last decade, while The Evil Ones' single 2009 title seems like a distant memory. Of course, the main focus will be on Jacoby Ellsbury tonight—but the boos emanating from the few Sox fans in attendance will be drowned out by pinstriped cheers. And, this will be Boston's first encounter with The Never-Ending Derek Jeter Going Away Tour. So many issues—and only four hours and thirty-seven minutes to enjoy them in.