Tuesday, April 8, 2014

MLB Executive Floats Seven-Inning Game Idea

Game Over?
Hopefully, it's just a trial balloon. But, a "high-ranking" MLB Executive told ESPN.com's Buster Olney that major league baseball games should be shortened to seven innings. That's right, no more schlepping home at midnight from a Red Sox game, no more plummeting TV ratings among Millennials, no more two Tommy John surgeries per week. Sure, just make the game seven innings instead of nine. What are they smoking in the MLB Executive Suites? Think of it: we'll have to have a fifth-inning stretch; Sweet Caroline will have to played in the 6th! Oh, the humanity! All kidding aside, this is the dumbest idea since the Red Sox had their Spring Training public address announcer call out whether each pitch was a ball or a strike and the count. If this is the kind of thinking we can expect from the Post-Selig regime, we say: "Stay on, Bud. All is forgiven!"