Friday, April 11, 2014

Christopher Trotman Nixon Turns Forty Today

Turning 40 Today
Trot Nixon played a full decade of seasons for the Boston Red Sox. Over that span, he hit .278 with a .366 OPB and 133 HRs. He was the ultimate gamer, with a permanently dirty uniform and a pine-tar encrusted batting helmet. He turns 40 today. Some of us can  remember the day they heard that the Red Sox had drafted a multi-sport athlete out of North Carolina with the seventh pick of the 1993 draft. He proved to be a big part of a string of successful Red Sox teams—and a huge fan favorite. Unlike others who departed Boston, Nixon was always welcomed back to Fenway with uproarious cheers—even in foreign laundry. One of the best Nixon memories was the two-run, ninth-inning HR off a taunting Roger Clemens, giving the Red Sox a 2-0 win over the Yankees on May 28, 2000. Happy 40th, Trot!