Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rich Hill Returns To Baseball With New Outlook

Rich Hill
Rich Hill—the lefty reliever who pitched for the Red Sox between 2010 and 2012—is putting life and baseball in a new perspective. He's just returning to camp (via a minor league invite) after dealing with serious family matters for the last couple of months. On December 26th, his wife gave birth to a son who suffered from multiple medical issues from the start. This morning, Hill conveyed the following news about his young child, "Unfortunately he succumbed and he has passed. He taught us a lot of things, and unfortunately things didn’t work out. My wife has been extremely strong. Our son, who is 2 ½, is with us here down in Florida so we are going to enjoy our time here and obviously make the most of the opportunity that's here to present itself to play baseball." It's unclear how far behind Hill will be in his progression to land a spot again with the Red Sox, but he is—understandably—looking at things a little differently than he might have before. Said Hill,  "I'm absolutely excited to be here and be playing baseball again, to get back into the normalcy of my profession and to be around a great group of guys. Just to take that next step, a one day at a time approach. That's where we're at. Just really enjoy every day." The thoughts of the whole Nation go out to Rich and his family.