Monday, March 31, 2014

Opening Day Is A Lot Brighter Than Last Year

Last year—in the wake of the worst season in a generation—we asked the following Opening Day question: "a new era or Groundhog Day"? Your Carmine Hose started the year right by smiting Kevin Youkilis and the rest of The Evil Ones in that first game. The rest is hardball history. Today, the 2014 edition of the Red Sox is in a quite different place. Unlike last year, there is no need to expunge an embarrassing campaign. The challenge this year will be whether they can repeat the formula that fused camaraderie and talent into a World Championship. It will not be easy. The American League East is even tougher than last year—with today's opponents (the Baltimore Orioles) a prime candidate to surprise everyone in 2014. Boston has the talent to repeat—but (as with last year)—all the breaks will have to fall our way. At 3PM today, let the games begin!