Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dalton Jones Pre-Season 'Raw Score' Is 73.4

We have received our initial 2014 preseason reading from the Dalton Jones Industrial Average Panel, and the results show a "raw score" of 73.4 (12.9 points higher than last year's 60.5). This raw number is out of a maximum possible score of 100.0. The 73.4 raw score will be normalized and set to 100.0 as the benchmark reading for the remainder of the 2014 season. Readings higher or lower than the benchmark will be reported once a month through September. For comparative purposes, our DJIA pre-season reading before the 2011 season (when we were supposed to have the greatest team ever) was a whopping 77.6—4.2 points higher than today's. This year's individual raw scores were: starting pitching—73.8; relief pitching—79.2; total offense—69.6; total defense—71.1.