Friday, March 7, 2014

AAA Marlins 'Outraged' At Scrub Sox Lineup

(Palm Beach Post via
According to various media sources in South Beach, Miami Marlins brass are "outraged" at the poor quality of the Red Sox lineup at yesterday's Grapefruit League game. The Marlins are filing a complaint with MLB. The relevant rule states that teams must field: "A minimum of four players who are regulars on the previous year’s major league team or who were platooned on the previous year’s major league team on a regular basis, or who have a reasonable chance to be regulars on the major league club’s squad during the upcoming season. Each of those regulars, excluding pitchers, must play a minimum of three complete innings." Considering who the Red Sox tossed out there on the Roger Dean Stadium turf, you might think the Marlins have a point. However, we're talking about the Marlins here, who have Giancarlo Stanton, Jose Fernandez,  Jarrod Saltalamacchia—and a collection of Independent League cast-offs. Moreover, the game itself ended in a "nil-nil" tie (as John Henry might say)—so how come the powerhouse Marlins couldn't kick scrub butt?