Thursday, February 20, 2014

Werner To Jenny: Feel Free To Leave Anytime

Jenny Dell With A Fan (FenwayNation Photo)
Exhibiting the ruthless charm that made him a successful TV producer (The Cosby Show, Roseanne), Red Sox owner and chairman Tom Werner basically has told Jenny Dell to take a hike—if she wants to. The Boston Herald's John Tomase reports that Werner (who some say makes Larry Lucchino look like a cream-puff) said the following about Dell, "We talk about it internally because I think Jenny is a terrific reporter. And I think we came to the conclusion and Jenny came to the same conclusion that it would be a distraction for her to be a reporter, and so she’s moving on. I think that it wasn’t sort of a black and white decision because, can she sort of divorce her personal life from being a professional? But we decided in the end it was probably better for her to move on and not be a distraction." Is she free to leave if she gets a non-NESN offer? Replied the mogul behind Third Rock From The Sun, "She is." Uh, on second thought, Mr. Werner is a really nice man. Yeah, that's the ticket.