Tuesday, February 4, 2014

REPORT: Have Mets Made An Offer To Drew?

UPDATE: Mets a 'longshot' to land Drew
Take this report with a huge grain of salt—maybe even an entire truckload of the rock salt that will be pelting your windshield tomorrow morning. Mike Francesa—the boorish boob who infests New Yorks's WFAN airwaves—claims that the Metropolitans have made an offer to free agent Stephen Drew. According to the loudmouth lout, it's not so much the money, but the years that are still in contention. Duh! Rambled Francesa, "I know they have made him an offer. It’s not the money. It doesn’t matter if they did a refinance or not. They already offered him the money. It’s a questions of years. They already made him an offer. They’re fighting over years. I think they’re gonna sign Drew, I think they’re gonna sign him. I really do." Can't you just hear that annoying New York twang? Yeesh!