Friday, February 7, 2014

Drew And Boras Want 'Opt-Out' After One Year

(AP Photo)
In addition to the demand of a two- or even three-year contract, Stephen Drew and his UberAgent Scott Boras are reportedly also demanding an opt-out clause after the first year. These details came to light during negotiations—apparently failed negotiations—with the New York Mets. Basically, the deal Drew wants would allow him to hit the free-agent market again in 2015 if he has a good 2014, and lock his new team into another year (or more) if he has a bad year. These ridiculous parameters—in addition to the sacrifice of a draft pick if you sign Drew—are why the shortstop's market is barren. We still think he'll return to Boston on a one-year "pillow"-deal for something less than the $14 million he could have had by accepting the team's arbitration offer. So, Boras is a genius how?