Saturday, January 4, 2014

Red Sox Unlikely To Go After Masahiro Tanaka

(Kyodo News via Associated Press )
It might just be a feint by GM Ben Cherington, but the Red Sox are leaking word to multiple sources that they are not contenders for Masahiro Tanaka. The rationale is that since Boston is stocked with six starting pitchers—and a boatload more ready to move up from the minors—they have no interest in shelling out $100+ million for a pitcher unproven in MLB. If the Red Sox are shunning Tanaka, it would have more to do with the latter excuse than the former. Cherington and his talent evaluators may be ready to insert one of the likes of Matt Barnes, Anthony Ranaudo, Henry Owens or Brandon Workman at some point in 2014. We still think the Sox should enter the Tanaka fray—if for no other reason than to make life miserable for The Bronx Embalmers.