Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Players Wanted To Bounce A-Rod From Union

According to Jeff Passan of YAHOOSports.com, major league baseball players wanted to throw Alex Rodriguez out of their union after The Fraudulent One decided to sue them. In a 90-minute conference call, virtually all the players participating urged that the MLBPA kick The Centaur out. Even after being told that it was not legally possible to purge A-Fraud, players persisted in their outrage—with not one player defending Rodriguez. As one player said, "We wanted to get on this call and not let him back. [To say,] ‘This is our game and we don't want you in it.'" A different player player took it to another level, "When he gets up to bat, you can hit him and hit him hard. That's what I'd do. He sued us. Jhonny Peralta and Nelson Cruz screwed up. You know what? They owned up to it. They took their medicine. [Rodriguez] needs to be scared of coming back and facing people he sued."