Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sox May Focus On Curtis Granderson For CF

Now that they have officially lost Jacoby Ellsbury to the worst possible team, Boston may look to scoop up The Evil Empire's former centerfielder. Multiple reports are suggesting that the Red Sox—wary of giving out a three-year deal to Carlos Beltran or inheriting a 6-year obligation on Matt Kempmay take a shorter, cheaper route with Curtis Granderson. Most reports peg a Granderson deal at around $15 million a year—so Boston could conceivably lay out $30 million for a two-year pact. Granderson has his issues (tons of Ks), but has solid power—although that might be diminished in Fenway Park. His character would fit in nicely in the clubhouse—as he is viewed as the nicest person in baseball. Of course, the Red Sox could simply go internal with Jackie Bradley, Jr. in center.