Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Is Middlebrooks The Price For Kemp Or Ethier?

Before Jacoby Ellsbury betrayed The Nation, the Red Sox knew he'd be going somewhere. That's why they were and are talking to Magic Johnson and company about trading for either Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier. The one serious hole the Dodgers have is at third base. Word is that they are trying mightily to pry away Will Middlebrooks in any deal for one of LA's two surplus outfielders. Kemp has six years and $128 million left on his deal, while Ethier's contract is for four more years and $71.5 million. If Middlebrooks is the price, Xander Bogaerts could move to third and either a re-signed Stephen Drew or a stop-gap like Rafael Furcal could move to shortstop. Don't forget that Dustin Pedroia is best buddies with Ethier from way back in their Arizona State days, and they've wanted to play together professionally for years.