Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What's The Sox Fascination With Chris Young?

(Marcio Jose Sanchez, AP)
Prior to the $70 million acquisition of Stephen Drew's big bother, the great Bob Ryan famously asked then-GM Theo Epstein: "What's the fascination, if it is true, with J.D. Drew?" We have to paraphrase the great Ryan and ask, "What's the fascination, if it is true, with Chris Young?" According to ESPN.com's Jerry Crasnick, the Red Sox are looking at the former Oakland A's outfielder as a possible replacement should Jacoby Ellsbury leave. Chris Young? This is a guy who has never really sustained his vaunted "upside" (he finished fourth in Rookie of The Year voting in 2008). For example, last year he hit an abysmal .200 in 107 games. While it's true that Young used to have tremendous extra-base power (71 in 2008—including 32 HRs), he has a grand total of 26 HRs over the last two years. His career batting average is .235 with a measly .315 OBP. And he strikes out a lot. Defensively, Young has good speed and can go get the ball with the best of them—but his arm is just 'OK'.  Since his full range of offensive and defensive liabilities are likely to worsen in his 30s, we say, all in all, "No".