Friday, October 18, 2013

Somerville Pawn Shop Features 2007 WS Ring

If you've got an extra $25,000 to spare (and who doesn't in this thriving economy?), then head on over to newly-toney Davis Square in Somerville, Massachusetts. There's a pawnshop—er, 'boutique'— there that is selling a for real 2007 Red Sox World Series Championship Ring. LBC Boutique (formerly LBC Pawn) says the ring came from a player on the team—but they won't say who. LBC employee Taneisha Flores says they don't really expect to sell the ring, but it sure has garnered a lot of publicity for the pawn boutique. Your humble scribe remembers when Davis Square was just a waystation to North Cambridge. Now, it's 'championship ring central'—and has pretty good restaurants to boot.