Monday, October 28, 2013

Improbable Moments Are Staple Of This Series

Game Four-Ender
This 109th edition of the Fall Classic is shaping up to be just that—a classic. On successive nights, games ended for the first time in World Series history on: 1.) an obstruction call and 2.) a pick-off at first base. This is crazy stuff. Add to this the fact that the Red Sox are 2-2 in the series despite hitting a measly .189 as a team through the first four games. They are—as they have done throughout this post-season—picking their spots for the big moments that turn games around. Last night, the big spots were the David Ortiz's 'PapiTalk', the three-run jack by Jonny Games and the pick-off of Kolten Wong by Koji Uehara. All improbable moments that inextricably led to victory. Start saving up for the DVD set of this baby!