Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bobby Valentine Still Delusional, But Gracious

(Photo: Brian A. Pounds)
Some guys just can't help themselves—if they're asked a question, they feel compelled to answer it. Such is the case with former Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine. When the Globe's Nick Cafardo asked how he would have done with the re-vamped 2013 Carmine Hose, Bobby V. actually said this, "I’d like to think that if I came back for my second year that, given the changes and improvements, I would have been able to do the same thing." Look up delusional in the dictionary and Bobby's picture will be there. To be fair, in the rest of the interview, he was gracious to a fault. Of his successor John Farrell, he said, "He’s obviously done a great job. I haven’t heard one negative thing. I haven’t seen anything weird." Like everyday when you were skipper? I guess we should leave the guy alone, he's running a college athletic program now and he seems pretty happy—and he's still getting paychecks from John Henry. Not a bad gig.