Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Andre Ethier Might Be Sox Trade Target For '14

 (Stephen Dunn / Getty Images)
It may seem silly to think about 2014 when we are about to enjoy the pinnacle of the 2013 season, but reality is reality. Chances are the Red Sox will not re-sign Jacoby Ellsbury (unless he's MVP of the World Series and DuckboatNation demands it a' la Mike Lowell). So, one logical move would be to shift Shane Victorino to center and trade for or sign a right-fielder (the other obvious option is keeping Victorino in right and putting Jackie Bradley, Jr. in center). Ironically, one of the best trade options would be with our venerable old partner: Ned Colletti of the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles. Andre Ethier is the odd-man-out in the LA outfield: behind Yasiel Puig, Carl Crawford and Matt Kemp. The Red Sox could trade some of their organizational depth at pitcher, catcher and shortstop and politely ask Magic Johnson to eat the bulk of the remaining $69 million on Ethier's contract. Don't forget, Dustin Pedroia and Ethier are best buddies from their Arizona State days. When healthy, Ethier is a solid middle-of-the-order bat and plus defender. We could do a lot worse.